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Odoo • Text and Image
 Odoo • Image and Text

Apéro et fritkot ouvert jusqu'au début du spectacle

Le fritkot reste ouvert jusqu’au début du spectacle!

Pour toute questions, envoyez nous un mail à  info@messpectacles.be 

Chez Bobbi - WOT 90 + Balzat - Vendredi 19 avril 2024 - 20h00
10,00 € 10,00 € 10.0 EUR
Vu l'immense succès de ce show, et vu que les 90 's vous aimez ça le vendredi... on s'est dit... deux super nanas comme Julie Compagnon et Natacha Wuyts qui ne chantent que des reprises de nanas des 90's... ça devrait le faire!
Comme tous les vendredis soirs on se retrouve au chaud près de la scène pour un apéro qui danse!
18.00 APÉRO
20.00 WOMEN OF THE 90's LIVE
PAF 10 €
On commence tôt en mode after work, venez comme vous êtes!
💃 DJ Set Patrick Balzat & concert de WOMEN OF THE 90's
🍟 Fritkot ouvert
🍻 Bières Bobbi Brewery
❤️ Et surtout : vous !
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Chée de Nivelles 37a, 1461 Ittre
Tous les vendredis de 18.00 à 01.00

Chez Bobbi - Two Dots - vendredi 29 mars 2024 - 20h00
12,00 € 12,00 € 12.0 EUR
Welcome in the amazing world of

Welcome in the world of Gwenn Nicolay and Nicolas D’Avell, two famous Belgian musicians and sound engineers
teaming up to become the most amazing duo.

On stage, be ready to dance, jump and sing along with the two entertainers…
It all started with one idea: Gwenn plays the guitar, the bass and sings and Nico is a drummer and a piano player.
How could they make that happen on stage? Well, they started looking for solutions and they discovered machines
that could make it happen. Loopstations, Ableton live, midi synths and pedals, and of course hours and hours of
brainstorming were needed to give full expression to their endless creativity.
But they always keep in mind that all this technology has one simple goal:

The perfect party to make you dance and sweat all night.

Come and check their show on stage and be ready for the most powerful and energetic performance

DJ set before and after the show by P. Balzat